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Angelus PL

This 2,998 sf first and second story addition that seamlessly blends modern design with vernacular enhancements. This project showcases a perfect fusion of indoor and outdoor living, featuring full-height sliding doors that connect the interior spaces to the inviting backyard, while ensuring a generous-sized outdoor oasis.

The primary focus of this architectural masterpiece was to create a harmonious balance between expanding the living space and preserving the integrity of the existing home.

Additionally, the second story ADU above the garage is a testament to the versatility and adaptability of the design. This flexible living space not only expands the capacity of the dwelling but also opens up possibilities for multi-generational living or even generating rental income. The ADU enhances the overall functionality of the property and adds to its long-term value.

A noteworthy aspect of this project is the conscious decision to prioritize a good-sized backyard over maximizing square footage. By maintaining a generous outdoor space, the design team recognized the importance of creating a private and serene retreat where owners can relax, entertain, and enjoy the outdoors. This thoughtful approach adds value to the overall living experience, providing an exceptional balance between indoor comfort and outdoor tranquility.

Venice, CA

est. 2025

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